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It's Time for Action. The Time is Now.

The time is upon us. Our country is falling deeper into fascism, and our movement against the carceral state is a critical line of defense. The only thing oppression needs to win is for good people to do nothing. We cannot be neutral.

While much needs to be done in the larger political arena, small battles are being fought in cities and towns across the country with real lives hanging in the balance. Across the US, states are passing legislation that bans lifesaving healthcare for trans people — both children and adults — as far-right politicians cling to whatever racist, queerphobic, hateful, and dishonest talking points they think will rile up their base. Meanwhile, bloated police budgets allow law enforcement personnel to secure high-grade military equipment they then use to terrorize communities they are ostensibly keeping safe.

Our friends and family on the inside continue to face abuse and exploitation at the predatory hand of the state, often forced into free or extremely low-paid labor supported by the “Exceptions Clause” of the 13th Amendment, which is designed to effectively legalize enslavement as a form of carceral punishment. Private prison profiteers continue to chip away at our hard-fought victories on bail reform, despite its efficacy in reducing recidivism.

We must not be discouraged by these forces of cruelty. The onslaught is a sign of our progress, and it is a test of our will to put our stated values into practice and protect the most vulnerable, ensure basic rights for all, and hold people accountable with dignity. We must come together and fight back this malicious tide of hatred and oppression by standing tall in the light of solidarity and action. That’s why CJI is proud to fund organizations like:

Beyond the Bars — organizing Floridians to protect public assets and invest public money in neighborhoods devastated by mass incarceration, opposing municipal policies that rely on criminalization to displace and gentrify.

Women Against Mass Incarceration — building power through facilitating participatory defense, providing court support, registering voters, providing resources to currently incarcerated women and girls to organize, conducting outreach for clemency campaigns, and leading a campaign to end re-carceration surveillance.

TRANScending Barriers — reducing harm enacted by the criminal legal system on Black trans women in Georgia through trans-inside member advocacy, survival crime pre-arrest diversion, and re-entry support.

CJI’s grantee partners are fighting for justice in every corner of the country. They are taking it to the street, knocking on doors, organizing, protesting, and winning. They are putting themselves on the line and it’s our job to support them. But we need your help.

Please donate to CJI so we can continue to get unrestricted funds into the hands of those at the forefront of our movement. All gifts can be made online at Donations over $1000 may either be made online or sent via check to:

CJI Fund

c/o Solidago Foundation

150 Main Street, #24

Northampton, MA, 01060

Thank you so much for your support! Together we will fight back against the expansion of the carceral state and protect our communities from harm. Together we will win.

In Solidarity,


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