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building program

Strengthening Our Grantee Partner Organizations BEYOND the Grant.

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The overarching goal of the CJI Capacity Building program is to develop the overall strength of our grantee organizations, focusing on their inner workings, thereby making them more effective and ultimately better able to serve the communities that they are funded to serve.  We encourage you to register for these and future webinars to take advantage of the resources provided by the program. We believe it will be beneficial for you, the growth of your organization and the MOVEMENT. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Keesha Gibson at

webinar/training schedule

JULY 2022

How to Manage 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) Affiliated Projects and Coalitions


Tuesday, July 12, 2022 Time 4:00PM EST


Facilitator: Tim Mooney

Alliance for Justice

Is your organization part of a family of organizations? Thinking about creating a new entity? This session examines the different roles of 501(c)(3)s, (4)s and political organizations, and explores the federal tax rules on how these organizations can work together. It will also examine the legal separations necessary between affiliated organizations, such as funding and fundraising constraints, and permissible electoral activities.

This one-hour webinar addresses:

  • The definition of political activity

  • The best practices of c3-c4 work

  • How to prepare for the possibility of a politically motivated attack

  • The difference between organizations and importance of segregation

  • How to managing distinct but complementary online presences (social media, website, email lists)

  • How to allocate costs between c3/c4 for different expenses (administrative, overhead, shared equipment, etc.)

  • Timekeeping: what activities should be coded to lobbying/political activity?

Nonpartisan Advocacy in Partisan Times


Tuesday, July  26, 2022  Time  4:30PM EST


Facilitator: Victor Rivera

Alliance for Justice



Election years provide a great opportunity for public charities to highlight issues and interact with candidates and the voting public. However, public charities cannot support or oppose candidates, and must avoid the appearance or reality of electioneering and other partisan activity, particularly in public and social media communications. This webinar will highlight some common pitfalls and provide suggestions and tips for avoiding them.

Participants will learn:

  • How you can continue to advocate for your issues during election years;

  • How you can educate the public through candidate forums and questionnaires;

  • How you can respond to candidate statements;

  • How you can conduct nonpartisan voter registration and ensure get-out-the-vote efforts are conducted legally;

  • How you can safely support or oppose ballot measures without being partisan; and

  • How staff and volunteers’ partisan activities in their personal time can be kept separate from their activities on behalf of the organization.


If you missed out, don’t worry! You can now access the webinar / workshop recordings

and the available presentation slides here.

JUNE 22. 2022

HOw to craft effective letters of inquiry with instrumentl

Want to see what makes the difference between a good grant proposal, and a great grant proposal?  Then this live event hosted by Instrumentl is for you. In this 60-minute grant writing deep-dive session, Margit Brazda-Poirier from Grants4Good will share her 1-page formula for writing LOIs that get attention from funders every time, and we'll dive deep into two registrants' draft LOIs for feedback so you can see what a grant writing expert thinks about when crafting effective LOIs.

​NOTE: Instrumentl helps US-based 501c3s with at least a $90K operating budget, or consultants supporting such clients. If you are based internationally, you must have a US-affiliated chapter and 501c3 status to find this workshop helpful.​

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FEB 2. 2022


Want to win more grants for your nonprofit? The first step to success is being able to find 'good fit' funders. If you've ever struggled to find active grant opportunities that match your cause area, this deep-dive workshop is for you.

​In this 1 hour special workshop featuring Instrumentl, you’ll learn how to take your organization from flat-footed to sprinting towards finding and applying for new funding opportunities.

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DEC 14. 2021

Understanding the 990 & Audit Process with Shantel Garcia

Timely and accurate filing of Form 990 is essential to the ongoing success of your organization. Oftentimes organizations run into the false notion that since it is a nonprofit, the IRS really doesn’t pay that much attention to what’s reported. They DO pay attention! In fact, Form 990 can be the very thing that prompts an audit of your organization.​

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