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capacity building program

Supporting organizations led by women & girls impacted by the criminal legal system.


webinar/training schedule

Telling Your Financial Story: Building the Budget 

For  Current CJI Grantees 

Facilitators: Keesha Gibson/Michelle Vivanz

Gibson Consulting & Solutions, Llc

Budgets are guides that can help a nonprofit plan for the future as well as assess its current financial health. This webinar training was designed with small nonprofit organizations in mind. It will help you construct a budget that will demonstrate in numbers, your organization's commitment to fulfilling its mission. In this webinar, participants will learn about the budgeting process and functions and will be able to recognize the use of the organization-wide operating and program operating budgets; and how the budget process can be managed for optimal results.

Your learning will be facilitated by video presentations, worksheets, surveys, a mini-assignment that will help solidify the budget process and propel you towards getting the funding you need.

  • January 26, 2021   1:00PM - 2:30 PM EST  Register

  • February 25, 2021 1:00PM - 2:30 PM EST  Register


Participant Prerequisites


  • Must be a CJI grantee or eligible grantee 

  • Must be the staff/person responsible for creating or managing budgets for the organization

Prospecting Donors in the Social Justice Space

For CJI Grantees 

Facilitators: Michelle Vivanz

Gibson Consulting & Solutions, Llc

Registration Closed


Nonprofit organizations need donors to be sustainable. For small organizations with limited staff and resources, finding individual donors can be a challenge. So, what can be done to grow your organization? There are always new ways to build and strengthen relationships with donors and prospects.

From this webinar, you will learn about the key aspects and methods to discovering prospective donors and leading donors to discover you.

​Your learning will be facilitated by video presentations, worksheets, surveys, a mini-assignment and one-to one consultations that will solidify the grant writing process and propel you towards getting funding.

Participant Prerequisites:

  • Must be a current CJI  grantee 

  • Must be the staff/person responsible for fundraising/communications for the organization


webinar/training schedule

SHE GRANT READY: Proposal Writing Basics 

For FreeHER Grantees & Eligible Grantees Only

Facilitators: Keesha Gibson/Michelle Vivanz

Gibson Consulting & Solutions, Llc

Registration Closed

CJI grantees are unique. You are fighting for a unique cause- the MOVEMENT. You are serving a unique part of society. You have unique employees who are dedicated to the cause. You also have unique funding needs. Because there are so many things that make CJI grantee organizations unique, we want to help you tell your story and apply for your more grants.

This webinar training was developed to help you cultivate your proposal writing skills and empower you to write successful proposals. There are tons of grants that you can apply for and quite a few foundations hardly receive any applications for their grants. These funds can be accessed if time is dedicated to writing grants.

This course is designed with nonprofit organizations and their employees in mind. You will learn about the key aspects of a grant application, you will find grants that you can apply for, and you will go through the entire proposal writing process.

Your learning will be facilitated by video presentations, worksheets, surveys, a mini-assignment and one-to one consultations that will solidify the grant writing process and propel you towards getting funding.

Participant Prerequisites:

  • Must be a 2020 CJI FREEHER grantee or eligible grantee

  • Must be the staff/person responsible for writing grants for the organization

  • Bring a pre-written or submitted proposal (accepted or denied)

  • Must attend both sessions to schedule a one hour consult /proposal review.

Securing Liberation through Individual & Collective Healing:

A Plan for Self- Nurturance - For Program Leadership /Organizers Only


Facilitator: Emani Davis, (Create HER), The Omowale Project

Registration Closed

Securing Liberation through Individual and Collective Healing: A Plan for Self-Nurturance
is a program rooted in rest ritual, followed by a combination of healing modalities and cognitive rewiring techniques. Healing, like trauma, is stored in the body, but for black-bodied people, the world has taught us that our bodies are not safe - not safe from forced labor, not safe from forced imprisonment, not safe from brutality or murder. In our commitment to restore the bodily integrity that we deserve, we employ a unique combination of body and energy work techniques that focus on ‘sensation renewal’ - bringing feeling awareness back to the body - acknowledging that we must feel it to heal it.

The Omowale Project re-imagines how we integrate the wisdom of our ancestors, healing arts, and practices that rewire our brains to change deeply seated trauma responses. Pulling from the ancestral knowledge of our past, and reawakening the wisdom stored within, our work both builds and maintains our internal and collective capacity to heal.

* Participants will be asked to complete a brief survey upon registration, AND schedule a brief chat with the facilitator.


Please have the following materials handy on December 14th.

  1. (1) Small Journal or Notebook 

  2. (1) Mason Jar

  3. Several small squares of paper (cut up 20 pieces of paper into 3in. X 3in. squares)

  4. It is strongly encouraged that registered participants rest or take a nap for at least 20 minutes prior to this session.

meet the facilitators



(Create HER)

The Omowale Project

Emani Davis is the CREATE(HER) of The Omowale Project, which she founded in 2020 as an offering in response to the crisis moment of our time. The Omowale Project is designed to support BIPOC leaders in fulfilling their lives’ work, while focusing on the healing necessary to create effective personal and professional practices, mindsets, and behaviors that will advance the racial equity movement.


During her career in the nonprofit sector, both on staff and as an independent consultant in New York and California, Ms. Davis focused on program development, recruiting, and building systems to confront bias and promote healing. In her work to serve children, youth and families directly affected by the justice system, Ms. Davis has led the implementation of new program initiatives, including violence interruption and street-based gang interventions as well as a pilot initiative providing training and technical assistance to police on strategies to reduce youth arrests and homicides.

Emani has worked with both youth and adults in prisons throughout the U.S. Using the experience of her own father's 25-year incarceration, her work prepared incarcerated individuals to contribute to their families and communities during and following incarceration. She has been an advocate for the rights of children of incarcerated parents since she was 14 years old. In 2004, she was the first American nominated for the World's Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child for her work on behalf of children of prisoners.  She has built on this experience to present keynote addresses and facilitated panels and discussions. Ms. Davis has written and contributed to books, articles and blogs related to the justice system, crime, race and healing.


Emani has a BA in Sociology with a concentration in African Studies from Manhattanville College, certifications in health education and massage therapy from the National Holistic Institute, and is a certified facilitator of Framework for Breaking Barriers and Framework for Recovery, cognitive restructuring programs.


Contact Emani  

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Owner/Principal Consultant

Gibson Consulting & Solutions, LLC

Gibson Consulting  & Solutions was founded in 2005, by Keesha Gibson. With 25 years of nonprofit industry experience and a Masters degree in Organizational Management from Northeastern University. She has raised and managed millions of dollars in funds for organizations across the country.

Ms. Gibson and her growing team of consulting professionals work to broaden the horizons of entrepreneurs and businesses by providing "out of the box" ideas and strategic services to encourage business owners to remain steadfast in their visions of success. Gibson Consulting provides contracted business development services through a comprehensive and integrated approach that is well grounded in principles of organizational development and change. Business start-up, fund development, communications, the design of programs to reach advancement goals are among many of the services it provides to its clients. They are dedicated to providing its high-quality ethical service and committed to essential causes and the impact of diversity.


CJI recently appointed Gibson Consulting & Solutions to spearhead the development of the Capacity Building Program. Having worked directly with CJI since 2017, the company is excited to be a part of CJI's growth strategy. As a partner, they look forward to continuing to work with CJI and its grantees to help them leverage and increase support through their customized services for nonprofits.

Contact Keesha



Program Director

Circle for Justice Innovations

Tina Reynolds Co-Founded Women on the Rise Telling HerStory (WORTH) an association of formerly and currently incarcerated women who became empowered by their own experiences while involved in the criminal justice system and beyond. WORTH played a pivotal role in the passage of the Anti-Shackling Bill, Adoption and Safe Families Act and the DOH Oversight Bill. Reynolds received a master’s in social work from Hunter College. Lectured at York College for 10 years within their Behavioral Sciences Department, where she developed and taught “Impact of Incarceration on Families, Communities and Children.” As the Program Director at the Child Center, she developed and implemented a tele-vising program in Queens for incarcerated parents in Rikers, Taconic and Bedford Hills.


She has published pieces on the abolition of prisons, the impact of incarceration on women and children, formerly incarcerated women and policy change and is an editor of an anthology “Interrupted Life: Experiences of Incarcerated Women in the United States”

Contact Tina

Emani Davis
Keesha Gibson
Tina Reynolds
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