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Funding Grassroots Organizations to End Mass Incarceration & State Violence


CJI’s mission is to end mass criminalization and incarceration by building and strengthening the infrastructure of the grassroots criminal justice movement to fundamentally transform the U.S. criminal legal system. We fund where the movement is developing, shifting and growing. We believe this movement should be led by those most impacted by the injustices of the current system, working in alliances across race, class, faith, gender, gender identity, sexuality, immigration status and age.


CJIs Statement on State Violence Against our Communities

Published June 8, 2020

CJI stands with all who are grieving, outraged, and lost in hopelessness after the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Dreasjon "Sean" Reed, Tony McDade, and George Floyd. We stand with the families and all other victims of police terrorism and white supremacist vigilante violence. These murders are the manifestation of structural racism and the extraordinary levels of violence it encourages and condones against Black Americans and our immigrant brothers and sisters. CJI understands the most vicious manifestation of that violence to be the US prison system, which feeds on police brutality.


George Floyd’s dying words, echoing those of Eric Garner six years ago, came in the midst of a pandemic in which Black and Brown people are providing essential front-line services, falling ill, losing life-sustaining employment, and dying in enormous and disproportionate numbers. We are moved by the masses, in cities across the country, who are invoking their right to protest against these persistent forms of structural violence. These protests, initiated by righteous Black and Brown people, have been joined by people of all races. It is intolerable that they are met with tanks, tear gas, and rubber bullets, as well as with white supremacists infiltrating their marches and attacking their community institutions.


CJI is taking action in two ways.


The criminalization of protest has reached new proportions. CJI’s SOS Fund will provide immediate assistance for direct action, community healing, and strategic responses to state-sponsored violence, both covert and insidious. We will also organize with other funders to help cultivate additional support for our communities. If you are an ally, we ask that you make sure to be led by the people who are directly impacted, because the reaction to your protest will be unleashed on Black and Brown bodies.


The demands being raised for police reform and accountability have been made and ignored for generations. CJI’s Leadership Circle will support organizing that engages fresh tactics and emerging leaders to meet these demands. We will also move beyond, to support the crucial work of building infrastructure that will replace the current system, indivisible as it is from its roots in structural inequity. Our support for groups taking on this important work will include those that develop alternatives to mass criminalization and incarceration, grounded in restorative practices and healing.


The pain of seeing our lives once again devalued is unbearable. Our lives are invaluable. Our bodies will never be disposable. We stand together. We stand for healing and transformation.


In Solidarity,


Circle for Justice Innovations

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